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Presente y Futuro

del Agro Colombiano



This wonderful process begins with the arrival of green Paddy rice from Meta and Casanare, said rice is technically valued. According to the results, this is taken to the receiving hoppers, it continues to the pools (inclined silos) where it is dried between 24-36 hours with 100 horsepower motors, the rice is driven by augers and is unloaded in the resting silos. where it remains for 30 days before being threshed. Following this, our rice is sent to threshing, where it goes through pre-cleaners, then through storage hoppers and is then dosed in 17 huskers. The husk is separated from the whole grain and then the whole grain is separated from the male paddy grain. Our rice goes to small hoppers where it is polished, polished and polished, then our beautiful and shiny rice goes to 14 machines where the grain is separated by size and finishes its process to be distributed, either in bulk or packaged. Production Plant Drying Mill Paddy Laboratory Packaging Department White Rice Storage Silos Dry Paddy Rice Storage Silos Input Plant Research Laboratory (seeds) Seed Storage Warehouse Laboratory of the Microbiological Research Center (CIM) Soil Laboratory Agro-inputs warehouse Fertilizer warehouse


Manos amigas
"Our greatest desire is to generate employment and contribute to the well-being of all the people who are directly or indirectly linked to us."

Jose Vicente Baquero Riveros, Founder of Inproarroz SA


Present and Future of Agro-Colombian


To be a producer and marketer of seeds, agro-inputs, paddy rice and processed rice at a regional and national level using strict quality controls and state-of-the-art technology, focused on the labor and social growth of our human team, projecting ourselves as an industry that contributes to the Colombian development.


Position ourselves in 2023 as a model in the production and packaging of our products, providing opportunity, compliance with standards and satisfaction of the needs of our customers, responding to market demands and continuously improving our quality management system.

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