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Present and Future of Colombian Agriculture

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About us


With a history spanning 37 years, Inproarroz S.A. has established itself as a leading agro-industry in Colombia, renowned for operating the largest rice mill in the Meta department and for being a key driver in the development of the national agricultural sector. Initially focused on rice processing and marketing, the company has progressively expanded its scope, venturing into areas such as research for the production of proprietary seeds, marketing of rice and grass seeds, import and marketing of agricultural inputs, and the production and sale of paddy rice, white rice, and their derivatives. Inproarroz S.A. also excels in soil analysis through a specialized laboratory and in the production and marketing of biological inputs and organic fertilizers. Its commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability has propelled not only its growth in the national market but also its expansion internationally. This company stands out for its adaptability to new global market trends and its contribution to the socioeconomic development of the region, maintaining a focus on responsible agricultural practices and the well-being of local communities. With an eye towards the future, Inproarroz S.A. continues to explore new business opportunities, always aiming to offer high-quality products and services that meet the evolving needs of its customers and consumers, thus solidifying its position as an innovative leader in the agro-industry.


Are You a Farmer?

We maintain a close relationship with our farmers to ensure the best quality of our products, creating lasting bonds that strengthen year after year.


Present and Future of Colombian Agriculture


To be a company producing and marketing processed rice at a regional and national level, employing strict quality controls and cutting-edge technology, focused on the labor and social growth of our human team, projecting ourselves as an industry that contributes to the development of Colombia.


Aim to position ourselves by 2025 as a model company in the production and packaging of white rice and its by-products, offering opportunity, meeting standards, and satisfying our customers' needs, responding to market demands, and continuously improving our comprehensive management system.

Manos amigas
Our greatest desire is to create employment and contribute to the well-being of all those who are directly or indirectly associated with us.

Jose Vicente Baquero Riveros, Founder of Inproarroz SA


"Our workforce is the heart of our company"


Gildardo Villalba

Maintenance Manager

Thank God for placing me in this company since 1993, as it has allowed me to buy a house and support my family.


Miguel Tovar

Drying Manager

Every day I learn something new. I feel very grateful for the opportunities I have been given.


Gonzalo Parra

Electrical Maintenance Manager


Working at Inproarroz has changed my life. The support and respect I find here are incredible.

I feel motivated knowing that despite the ups and downs, we are always the priority of this company.

Samuel Jimenez

Construction Assistant

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